About Us

Wealth Generators Management LLC was formed by experienced investment professionals that wanted to deliver the power of our proprietary short term trading strategies to the individual accredited investor. Many of the trading methods, algorithms and research we deploy are not easily managed by individuals who do not have the time, resources and training to execute complex strategies.  In the past, investments in private investment funds were typically  reserved for the upper tier of wealthy individual clients of large financial institutions.  It is no surprise to us that 1% of the population hold nearly fifty percent of the entire worlds wealth. (Source: http://oxf.am/wMx)

Our fund provides the individual the opportunity to co-invest with the managers’ capital to deploy many of these complex trading opportunities.

Jeffrey R. Freedman

Jeffrey R. Freedman

Our managing partner, Mr. Jeffrey Freedman has provided high net worth individuals and institutional clients extensive research and investment advice in the energy arena for the last thirty years.  He shares the team’s desire to bring the most successful trading strategies to individuals who seek to participate in alternative investments. Rhett Andersen, our head trader has successfully traded his personal capital and taught others to manage their funds according to specific trading methodologies for the last two decades.  Rhett has been consistently approached by individuals who wanted their money traded according to Rhett’s strategies.  Our Majority Member, Joseph W. Hagan, of Wealth Colony LLC, (www.wealthcolony.com) brings over two decades of Wall Street experience and provides us exposure to institutional and unique investment opportunities.

To successfully trade for others you need an investment structure and a team of professionals to provide legal, administration, accounting and brokerage support. Wealth Generators Management was formed for the sole purpose of creating this professional organization and has initiated its first investment offering: Wealth Generators Trading LP.

It is our intent to create a family of private funds dedicated to bringing unique trading methodologies to those who seek to diversity a portion of their investment capital into alternative investments. Wealth Generators Trading LP, our initial fund focuses on short term volatility caused by recent events.  There is a predictable historical pattern that emerges during major news and crisis.  We identify these situations and enter short term trades to capitalize on the historical data.

Wealth can be shared and we can change who controls the majority of the world’s wealth!  It is a large task but it is accomplished one investor at a time by providing education and choices.

We hope you will contact us to learn more about our offerings and begin the process of understanding the potential benefits of private fund offerings.